Company of Heroes Patch2.602

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A large pack that is delivered to offer a wide range of fixes for the game, as well as to add new content






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Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game in which you will be controlling two groups of units which have to battle in WWII.

The game features great looking graphics, an advanced physics engine and the possibility to completely destroy the environment around you. You will be in control of Able Company of the 29th Infantry Division's 116th Infantry, or Fox Company of the 101st Airborne Division's 506th PIR.

Plenty of consideration and effort have been put into designing the AI for the units, making them aware of their surroundings so that they act and react accordingly. Apart from the great single player campaign, the game also comes with an online multiplayer setup in which up to 8 players can battle.

By downloading and installing this patch over the original game, you will add new maps (official and community created), update and rebalance existing ones, as well as fix a very large number of bugs that can interfere with gameplay.
Last updated on May 28th, 2011
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