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In 2016 when President Suvorov was elected to lead the Russian people, the world was more or less in chaos.

The United States had shaken off terrorists threats from the GLA and China had to rescue parts of Russia and Europe. Following that destructive conflict 10 years ago the United States, the European Union with its collective army the “ECA” as well as China had gained and secured large portions of Africa.

Russia had managed none the less to invest in some very profitable territories in North East Africa. However as the years went by the GLA, long thought disbanded, started to attack some of the least militarized territories held by the Russian State; the Chinese sat idle while the EU promised to help out. However they did nothing of the sort. After “liberating” the more profitable zones the Germans stayed and left the GLA to its own devices in the rest.

The remainder of the continent is still divided by the Americans, who are beginning to sell the land to the Europeans as interest in fighting the GLA dwindles at every step. Their short term policies and ever changing administrations prevent any universal way of dealing with the area.

By 2028 nearly all of Africa is run by China, keeping most of her territories on the East coast, the European Powers a large chunk of the West Coast and the northern/southern regions to the USA.

However Russia has secured new territories and “allies” in South America. The South American Union, plagued for years after its unification in 2023 by rebel forces and uprisings pleaded for help from their neighbors.

The Americans as per their modus operandi ignored their pleas. By the early 2030's the SAU welcomed the Russian Federation forces sent there to quell the civil unrest; with all the dissidents disbanded the SAU rewarded Russia with access to numerous resources much in demand and military instillations to be used when asked for.

Back to Europe, the Russians could not allow the treachery of the European Union to go unpunished! Not only did they cut off Russia’s access to the African continent but have begun to use those acquired resources to greatly improve their economic situation. The same resources could have gone a long way to bring Russia up to par economically; but it no longer can and will not be for a long time.

The recent food crops have been unable to produce enough food for Mother Russia once again. The factories still rely on coal are vastly inefficient in comparison to Europe's. Should they be able to take Germany, not only will Russia’s production base multiply by a factor of 3, their food production will be sufficient to feed its population as well. Russia cannot simply wage war with Germany, her numerous allies will come to her aid, so as a precaution France must also be taken for her coast facing the English Channel to block any access to Europe.

By late December 2033 Russia will face a massive recession, with a chance of severe starvation in the Eastern Provinces and a collapse of its manufacturing industry, there is no other option but to declare war on Europe and take what is needed. A campaign is scheduled to begin on March of 2032 following the plan President Suvorov so wisely thought out all those years ago.

Here are some key features of "Command & Conquer: Rise of the Reds":

· Two new Factions
Regain the Glory of Mother Russia with the Russian Federation or defend your homeland as the European Union. The addition of these two factions give a total of 5 factions, meaning more strategy, more enemies, more combat. Who will you choose?

· Over (#)100 New units
Every faction consists of the best their military has to offer. Rip through tank columns with the deafening 220 mm Sentinel Tank cannon, raid bases with Blackhawks as your Special Force Rangers combat drop into battle and pummel enemy bases from afar with ECA Artillery. The best military hardware has been put into the mix, which will you use to lead your forces to victory?

· New particle effects
As the creators of ShockWave, we have also implemented those same lovable effects into ROTR. Blind your opponent with the flashes of a nuclear missile and make your enemies suffer from their own Particle cannon by causing a breach in their structure causing a unstable particle explosion.

· New Sound Effects
From new voice overs to the sounds of war, we have vastly improved and added the sound effects in Rise of the Reds.

New General Powers
With 5 different factions to choose from you bet you'll find a new array of weaponry to use, from the sounds of an air raid aircraft carrier strike to the drop of the Russian FOAB, each faction shows that it's not playing around.

· Balance & Bug Fixes
As a SWR Mod, we strife to fix all bugs known to the game to the best limit of modding.
Last updated on February 4th, 2009
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