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This is a new Call of Juarez Patch.




Call of Juarez is a next gen epic adventure western themed FPP game. The game's unique plot is located in 19th century Wild West and its gameplay requires a combination of both intelligent stealth and pure reflex shooting.

The player impersonates both Billy, a sneaking fugitive, and reverend Ray his uncompromising hunter, all in one game. Call of Juarez diversified gameplay exploits many original elements, some depending on the interactive environment that's based on realistic physics simulation like it hasn't been experienced before.

Fast paced revolver duels using historically accurate firearms, horseback riding and memorable locations together with top notch graphics and climatic soundtrack will immerse both casual and hardcore players in the attractive well known world of western movies.

Note: This Enhancement Pack can be applied only to full version of the game, except for the ENG/FR/SP North American version published by Ubisoft in North America.
Last updated on October 15th, 2007
Call of Juarez PatchCall of Juarez PatchCall of Juarez Patch

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