BlackShot Online Patch

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A lightweight patch for BlackShot players that aims to fix, update and enhance gameplay





BlackShot Online is an MMOFPS that takes place in the near future when the world has already ended and mass clone production is possible.

The battle is carried out on multiple fronts between the mercenaries and the corporations that run the world. There are four playable characters to choose from others that will assist you in missions.

BlackShot features game modes such as Search and Destroy, Search and Destroy Infinite, Team Flag Match, Team Death Match and Bunker Defense. It also provides a large number and types of maps to play on, as well as a very large number of guns to shoot.

By downloading the patch that is provided on this page you will be able to update game content to and structure to make it more balanced. Once the files are placed into the game installation path, you will be able to enjoy a more bug-free game.
Last updated on April 16th, 2015
BlackShot Online PatchBlackShot Online PatchBlackShot Online Patch

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