Americas Army Patch 2.8.5

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Americas Army PatchAmericas Army PatchAmericas Army Patch
Just like real soldiers, players must perform training and demonstrate competence to earn the chance to engage in the most exciting parts of being a soldier.

Before being allowed to play online, a player must first go through four training maps and have his or her progress saved online in a player account.Accomplishing the other thirteen training levels enables the player to become a combat lifesaver, Special Forces operator, and Advanced Marksman.

In order to assume the role of combat medic in the game, Just like real soldiers, players must perform training and demonstrate competence to earn the chance to engage in the most exciting parts of being a soldier. medical training course based on actual training that Soldiers receive with regard to evaluating and prioritizing casualties, controlling bleeding, recognizing and treating shock, and administering aid when victims are not breathing.

The main section of the game is the multiplayer part, in which players fight either as the U.S. Army or, on "Special Forces" maps, as indigenous forces against an opposing enemy team. The game is a medium-paced tactical shooter, similar to the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series. Unlike many other games, players are encouraged to aim using their weapon's sights to shoot more accurately, though a crosshair is still displayed for non-sniper weapons even if the player is not using the sights. The players’ characters are divided into two teams: usually an "Assault" group and a "Defense" one. The Assault team loses the round if the time limit runs out.

Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously. The equipment normally consists of one or two firearms and several hand grenades (M67 fragmentation grenades, M84 stun grenades, and M83 white smoke grenades).The regular rifleman carries an assault rifle (M16A2 or M4A1), but there are specialists like the automatic rifleman (M249 SAW), grenadier (M16A2 with M203 grenade launcher), advanced marksman (M24 SWS, M82A1 SAMR, or SPR, plus an M9 pistol as a sidearm), or team leader (assault rifle and binoculars).

The game features a honor system, which means that gamers who obey to the ROE are rewarded with experience points. Examples of rewarded actions are the completion of specific mission objectives, killing enemies and healing injured teammates. Players can be kicked from the server if they violate the ROE and their characters can be sent to the Fort Leavenworth military prison. A higher honor level gives the player priority over other teammates in selecting specialist roles such as automatic rifleman, grenadier, advanced marksman, or team leader.

Last updated on May 13th, 2009


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