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Three interplanetary storks are travelling through space with the seed of life. Their objective is to reach three far-away, uninhabited planets on the edge of the universe.

Flying over the planet Lukkat, one of the storks has an idea: "Listen," he says, "why don't we drop of our cargo here and then go for a drink?" - "But what if the Creator notices?" - "He'll never know"- "Don't tell me you are too scared!". Plop, and the first load falls towards the planet, followed by the other two.

The storks then fly off to the inter-galactic bar. The three very different life forms they have left behind will now have to come to terms with each other on a planet they don't know and for which there were never destined...

Here are some key features of "Alien Nations":

· Advanced resources system
· Complex and idiosyncratic life forms
· Beautiful, richly detailed graphics
· Research over 100 undiscovered technologies
· School system to train inhabitants for individual duties
· Military units gain experience levels
· three campaigns with 20 missions each
· Easy to learn
· Multiple winning scenarios
· Trade & Diplomacy
· TCP/IP Multiplayer support
· Supports 3D cards

Last updated on May 30th, 2009
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