ANNO 2070 Patch2.00

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Deploy this patch to fix bugs and offer general gameplay improvets for Anno 2070






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ANNO 2070 is the fifth title in the Anno series and this time, you'll have to expand your civilization on an Earth that's mostly covered in water due to the melting of the the Polar ice caps.

You will be in control of an Ark, which you must used to explore the new landscape and find a suitable location to start your colony. Countries no longer exist in the game, they are replaced with three factions that differ in the way they they produce energy.

Each Ark can be customized in terms of appearance and capabilities, and players can vote for a World President. World Events are also present and they provide additional challenges for players to take, challenges which have to be completed as a team.

By downloading and installing this patch over the original game, you will be able to benefit from a large number of changes and bug fixes. All of these, along with gameplay enhancements and re-balancing are meant to make Anno 2070 more enjoyable.
Last updated on October 23rd, 2012
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