Here's a simple looking, yet very addictive online arcade platformer with several weapons you can choose from

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What's new in zSILENCER 00022:

  • New features:
  • Custom map support, map previews, current game map displayed in game lobby.
  • Invisibility powerup and neutron depositor implemented, and the neutron bomb powerup now activates a nuke after 15 seconds rather than giving player a neutron bomb in their inventory.
  • Current music track is displayed in a marquee style at the top of the screen, and F4, F5 keys can be pressed to pause/resume or advance track.
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8 zSILENCER Screenshots:
zSILENCER - To play the game you must first create an accountzSILENCERzSILENCER - You can choose to create a new game or join an already existing onezSILENCERzSILENCERzSILENCERzSILENCERzSILENCER
zSILENCER is an addicting multiplayer platformer played online with other people where the goal is to collect files.

You'll be able to jetpack around, shoot blasters and rockets, and detonate remote plasma bombs. Kill other players and make them drop their files so you can pick them up and use them to buy more weapons and killing devices.

The team who manages to get three top secret files to their base wins the game. Each team must choose a place on the map to spawn their base "door". Teammates enter and can heal their shields and health, buy inventory items, and return files. Infiltrate the base of other teams and plant some detonators, wait for them to try returning their files they collected and detonate!

There are five different agencies that you can play as, each with special stats or unique items, and online supports up to 24 players in a match. Play a 2v2, 3v3, or 3v2v4v1, anything is possible. You are sure to get an adrenaline rush when playing this fast paced platformer with others.

Last updated on April 17th, 2014


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