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Take part in intense large scale tank on tank battles while in control of one of the mighty machines

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World of Tanks is one of the landmarks of the online gaming world not only because it features the heavyweights of armored warfare, but because it’s quite simply an excellent game. It’s the one and only thing you need to play if you’re into tank warfare.

Excellently simple to play but very complex in what it has to offer

For the newbie, getting started with World of Tanks will be extremely easy. After a short tutorial and another introduction clip, anyone is ready to roll onto the battlefield to disperse some large calibre projectiles. The core gameplay is simplified to the level in which you only need to worry about driving the tank, aiming and shooting.

In essence, World of Tanks is easy to pick up but as you gain combat experience and earn gold, it takes a new turn. After you get a sense of how combat works, you start to dive into the details of the tanks, what makes them better, how you can customize them to get the upper hand, what’s worth researching and what not.

The amount and quality of work that went into each detail of game design and tank rendition are overwhelming and makes the game truly immersive. If you love tanks, this will be your new addiction.

Enjoy a tech tree that spans over years of real life technological progress

One thing World of Tanks thrives on is vehicle customization. You have the possibility to research gear for your tanks and watch them evolve from simple Soviet MS-1s to the SU-122-54 tank destroyer. It will be a wonderful thing to watch your ‘babies’ grow into scary machines.

The journey from the first tanks to the latest releases is a long one but never tedious or unrewarding. Since you get to start with several tanks, you can play with all of them or choose two and built them up into legendary killers. World of Tanks offers you all the freedom you want and need to experiment with builds, upgrades and even tank crew members.

Enough said, just download and enjoy terrific game

Just like it didn’t need an introduction, World of Tanks doesn’t require a conclusion. The only thing worth saying is that if you choose to give it a shot, you either won’t regret a single second of it or you won’t get enough of it.

World of Tanks was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
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