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An MMO that follows a different path, using mice, shaman rodents and loads of fun

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Transformice is an online multiplayer game that has the right kind of wacky. It’s a lightweight game that has you playing the role of a small mouse who has to bring cheese to the hole after he or she overcomes a puzzling level along with other players.

Teamwork and competition all in one place, at the same time

Each level consists of 20+ mice that are controlled by actual players from all over, each one with the same goal at hand, except for one. The shaman is the boss, the leader, the all powerful mouse who uses mystical powers granted by the game’s developers to conjure, summon or just place various objects to help the other mice.

There is no one mouse that has to make things bad for the others, a saboteur to say so. Every mouse has to work his tail off for the good of the colony and bring back a piece of cheese. However, the game offers several game modes in which each mouse can compete for the quickest cheese delivery time. You work together for the greater cause, but at the end of the day, it’s very rodent for itself.

Simple and chaotic gameplay that’s uncontrollably fun

In Transformice things are completely hectic. There’s no Morgan Freeman voice to explain what you have to do or how you need to do things. If you’re a mouse, you rely in the help of the shaman but if you’re the shaman, you have to figure out what objects to use in order to help the little mice.

A text based chat system is implemented in every room where players gather to tackle the levels, so communication is available. In that aspect, Transformice can be looked at as a social platform where you can goof off, play and have all around fun.

Gameplay consists of a lot of jumping on ramps, balloons, bubbles and so on if you’re an ordinary mouse, but if you’re a shaman, apart from moving, a few clicks are in order to create the items that are required to pass a level.

Entertaining whether you’re bored or not

On a closing note, Transformice is a comulus of things that don’t really belong but somehow fit together. It has a shop from where you can buy items for your mouse, it has chat rooms, shamans, puzzles and agitated mice.

Transformice was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 8th, 2015
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