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One of the first MMORPGs to ever walk the face of the digital world, and it's still alive playable

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Tibia is one of the first generation MMORPGs that has managed to stick around since 1997 even though its time has long ago passed. Its online servers still work and it offers pretty much the same experience as it did back in its days of glory. This however is equally good as it is bad.

Retro graphics so old your grandfather might say that they’re barely decent

By today’s standards, Tibia’s looks and gameplay will seem almost impossible to deal with. This will mostly be felt by players who might want to try something else while coming from games like as World of Warcraft. Tibia is way too slow-paced to offer the same captivating action.

However, if you’re the kind who really digs getting down with the classics, this one will be great. Its graphics, perspective, HUD layout and basically everything about it screams retro. Tibia is not an ugly game, that opinion has to be dismissed immediately because you are looking at a product that appeared almost 20 years ago and it should be judged by those standards, and appreciated for its longevity.

Gameplay that’s rather clunky but relaxing, in most parts

In terms of what you can do in the game, Tibia offers pretty much everything that recent MMOs have. There are quests to do, items to find and equip, skills to learn and of course, plenty of dungeons to explore and hundreds of monsters to kill. The big difference between Tibia and recent MMOs is that combat can seem very tedious and moving around doesn’t make things any easier.

Tibia will also seem a bit user-unfriendly, especially for the newcomer. It has little (explicit) in-game help and the HUD needs a bit of time to get used to. Once you familiarize yourself with how things work, Tibia can be quite enjoyable. The slow pace of things turns out to be relaxing.

A game for the nostalgics and those who want to see a bit of history

On a closing note, Tibia is that kind of MMORPG that has rightfully earned its landmark status. It’s something you can show the kids when they’re curious about how things were back in the day. Who knows, maybe they’ll get the old’school game’s vibe.

Tibia Client was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
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