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An MMORPG that takes the action into a post-apocalyptic world in which can enjoy both PvP and PvE

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SEVENCORE is an MMORPG that throws you into a world which is well balanced between technological creations and fantasy occurrences. It’s a free-to-play game that has a lot of content to offer for those who enjoy playing solo as well as for those who seek intense PvP.

Standard MMORPG features with some flavour of its own

SEVENCORE starts off like any other MMORPG that is still alive. You get to create a character from one of the four races, Sion, Einher, Nuuk and Aimon, and then pick a class, either warrior, gunner, mage or assassin. All of which are pretty standard and if you think that gameplay is different, you’d be wrong.

Similarly to games from the genre, you begin with the lowest gear possible and gradually, at a slow pace, begin to get acquainted with the gameplay. However, if this is not your first MMORPG, you can expect an almost identical hood, the same key shortcuts and overall the same gameplay mechanics. It’s not an MMO with a refreshing take on things.

At least the mounts are nice

Visually, SEVENCORE is not bad. It actually looks quite good and as you add newer and better gear to your hero, he or she will look kind of badass which is something that will always be appealing in MMOs.

Mounts are something without an MMORPG can’t really survive and in SEVENCORE they are a bit different. Besides the fast transport role, in this game they also act as your faithful pets who will fight alongside you and pick up the loot that’s dropped after a fight. Which is good because default looting is just bad…

Moreover, mounts can be upgraded and depending on your character and skill build, you can opt between attack, defense or movement oriented.

It’s a good MMORPG but it seems kind of empty

SEVENCORE is not the most popular of games so if you’re looking for a place in which to wander around in vast semi-empty space, you can do that here. It’s a good game but it really doesn’t have that something to pull you into its world and keep you there.

SEVENCORE was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 20th, 2015
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