Rumble Fighter Unleashed

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Fight against other players or join forces with them to survive encounters with huge bosses in this multiplayer beat 'em up game

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Arcade fighting games are as popular now as they have ever been, especially thanks to the fact that they can now be played over the Internet, where millions of players can meet and match their forces against each other. However, there’s a limited number of options you can go for if you want something more MMO-ish, although that doesn’t mean there’s no hope.

Customize your character and purchase better items

Rumble Fighter Revolution is a fast-paced fighting game played online, much like an MMO, except for the fact that the players are not active at the same time on the same map. However, you can always find a match and a couple of players to have a brawl with, regardless of time or your preferences when it comes to the game mode. Speaking of which, there are plenty of different styles you can try out.

To begin with, the common brawl is just a fight between two or four players, which means that every player is free to punch, kick or shove the enemy until one side remains without fighters. You are also capable of performing impressive combos and special moves, although they require more experience, and you also have to time these abilities when they can do the most damage and guarantee you a win.

Nice graphics and a lot of items to choose from

Each victory grants you a certain number of points and a small amount of in-game currency. These can be used to purchase new items, which provide your character with better stats and some special skills later on. Naturally, you can also buy these with real money, but it’s certainly not mandatory. On the other hand, you might get beaten by those who choose to throw money at the game, which is not always fair.

When it comes to graphics and all the other technical elements, the game does not excel in any way, but it can maintain mediocrity in almost every aspect. Hence, the graphics engine is old and rather rusty, but it’s colorful enough to distract you from the lack of definition. In addition, you can let yourself be entertained by the soundtrack, even if it’s nothing special and it gets repetitive after a while.

Play in co-op with your friends and defeat huge monsters

All things being equal, Rumble Fighter Revolution’s greatest asset is the fact that it supports so many different game modes. Hence, it takes a long time to see everything the game has to offer, and the community is still pretty numerous to always be there when you want to play with someone.

Rumble Fighter Unleashed was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 7th, 2015
Rumble Fighter Unleashed - You can start a new game or view your character's stats from the main menu.Rumble Fighter Unleashed - The survival mode pits you against more and more enemies until you are defeated.Rumble Fighter Unleashed - More foes appear, even if you haven't defeated the previous wave.Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #4Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #5Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #6Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #7Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #8Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #9Rumble Fighter Unleashed - screenshot #10

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