Navy Field

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Man your battle stations and engage in all out naval war with players from around the world

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World War II themed games mostly take place on land, sometimes in the air and rarely on water. The latter might be so because ship fights might not seem all that exciting but Navy Field is an MMO designed to convince you of otherwise.

Take command of a WWII vessel and join a fleet

Navy Field provides over 100 ships to use in battles but as in all MMOs, you start off with the most fragile and work your way to bigger and better ones. Initially you are given a small frigate which can be manned by just three sailors and doesn’t do all that much damage.

This is why you have to carefully choose your crew as they help to increase some of the ship’s stats and actually influence the outcome of the battle. Before each mission, you are able to customize your ship by adding some extra layers of armor plating and a new engine.

Simple gameplay yet almost unfair competition

In Navy Field maneuvering your ship is almost child's play as you will use your mouse to guide it, a few keys to increase or decrease speed, as well as a key to fire your guns. You get to view not only the trajectory of the ship but also the range of your guns and where your projectiles last made impact.

If you’ve played arena style MMOs, which Navy Field partially is, you know that matchmaking isn’t always your best friend, especially if you’re new to it all. In this game you might end up a lot of the times in a fleet where you are the weakest link, you can’t do any real damage to your opponents and you're pretty much a sitting duck for their missiles and torpedoes.

Nonetheless, seeing forty ships launching projectiles all over the place and trying to outmaneuver each other is fun to see and makes the game all that much more interesting. Unfortunately, it does take you a rather long time to gather the necessary amount of credits to purchase a newer and better ship but once you do, the game becomes even more attractive.

Man your battle stations

On a closing note, Navy Field is a game that has a rather large number of years behind and it hasn’t seen any notable changes in graphics so in the looks department it won’t seem all that appealing. Its best feature is the fact that you get to fight a lot of ships in large scale battles.

Navy Field was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
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