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Pilot huge mechs and customize them as you wish in this online shooter featuring beautiful graphics and more than enough action

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Huge robots with guns sticking out from every joint are the universal symbol of technological mastery, it would seem. People find it difficult to leave the killing to the machines, which is why even futuristic designs like mechs are imagined with a cockpit and a human controlling them, even if such a marvel of engineering would probably also come with the possibility to be controlled remotely.

Pilot mechs and customize their components to your liking

Hawken is a multiplayer first-person shooter with mechs, taking place in a dystopian future on a fictional planet. While this statement alone should be enough to convince many people to give it a try, there is more to it than that, especially in the gameplay department. However, you can rest assured that you won’t make a mistake by giving the game a try, because it is indeed fun and quite refined in almost every regard.

Although the term “MMOFPS” is often used to refer to the game, that might give you the wrong impression about what to expect. Instead, you have think of it more like an arena shooter similar to Unreal Tournament or Quake, and not like World of Warcraft. Hence, there are multiple modes to choose from, a variety of mechs and maps, but no open world exploration. Just like in a MOBA, all you have to do is set up your match preferences and start looking for a server, while the game automatically matches you up with other players.

Multiple types of mechs with different abilities and purposes

In order to spice up the experience, the game provides you with a selection of different mechs to choose from, depending on your playstyle and attitude. Hence, light mechs are obviously quicker and better for scouting/repairing, while heavy mechs do a good job at tanking and defending objectives. However, each one of these can be customized according to your liking, although you obviously need the experience and the currency to do so.

From a technical point of view, everything appears to be fine and dandy, depending on how long you play it. The controls are smooth and you can sprint, jump, hover and dash from side to side whenever you need to dodge something. Visually, the Unreal Engine is as beautiful as it always been, with a bouquet of post-processing effects added on top. In addition, each robot is quite detailed and modeled with much care.

Non-stop action and all the explosions one could wish for

In hindsight, Hawken is as adrenaline-fueled as you would expect, with more than enough game modes, mechs and maps to keep the experience fresh for a long time. Hence, if you are not scared of a little action and you can take the humiliation at first, the game can turn into a passion relatively quickly.

Hawken Online Client was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
Hawken Online Client - Everything you need is easily accessible from the main menu.Hawken Online Client - You can choose from a variety of modes, including solo modes with bots.Hawken Online Client - The cockpit view allows you to control the mech from a first-person perspective.Hawken Online Client - screenshot #4Hawken Online Client - screenshot #5Hawken Online Client - screenshot #6Hawken Online Client - screenshot #7Hawken Online Client - screenshot #8Hawken Online Client - screenshot #9Hawken Online Client - screenshot #10Hawken Online Client - screenshot #11Hawken Online Client - screenshot #12Hawken Online Client - screenshot #13Hawken Online Client - screenshot #14

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