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Travel through the continent of Rakyria and meet a real dragon





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Dragonica which follows its predecessor`s storyline of but overturns its connotation, bringing cartoon side-scrolling action online games to a new peak. Its totally 3D rendering design, fresh cartoon characters and scenery modeling, creat a new visual perception of side-scrolling games.

The continent of Rakyria is based on the traditional fantasy world and the new and various races that can only be found in the world of Dragonica such as dragons. In the world where the fear of Dark Dragon has returned, the heroes chosen by you and the ones who came to fulfill their mission and fate go on various exciting adventures and meet new strong companions. The road to retrieve the peach of Rakyria continent depends on your will and of course skills.

Dragonica fully utilizes the advantages of 3D Side Scrolling system. Dragonica totally liberates character movements by the Depth and Turn concepts on maps. This characteristic of its map system lets the players to maneuver actions strategically in battle. This completely differentiates Dragonica from existing representing Side Scrolling game, Maple Story which lacks variety of movements on map and strategic action maneuvers.

The humor in skill effects frees players from the boring repetitive battles which can be easily found in existing games cliche skill effects. Dragonica will familiarly reach the gamers with the unique, special, and simple elements such as Instance Mission Map, Great Boss Monster Battle, and Warfare PK system.
Last updated on March 30th, 2014
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