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Choose your side an fight for it in this fast-paced online FPS, featuring customizable weapons and a variety of maps

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Multiplayer shooters are just as popular now as they have always been, ever since Quake, RtCW and similar games have set the standards. However, modern technology allows for much more realistic experiences nowadays, especially in the graphics and physics departments. While these are indeed important elements, the actual shooting remains the most important of them, because people can forgive the visuals if the gameplay is strong.

Enjoy a classic shooter experience

CrossFire is definitely not a revolution in the genre, but it tries to combine a few modern elements with a slightly more old-fashioned gameplay style. Thus, while the game itself plays a lot like Counter-Strike and similar titles, you also have mini-transactions and customizable items to equip your character with, which allow you to make an impression and gain additional experience from the matches.

To begin with, the game allows you to choose between three different characters, each one of which belongs to a faction. These factions do not really affect the gameplay or your options later in the game, only the appearance of your character. However, even that can be changed if you get enough credits. After you are confident with your choice and looks, all you need to do is search for a server and join other people.

Plant the bomb and shoot everything that moves

CrossFire is played in teams, which means that there are two groups trying to accomplish an objective on the same map. Just like in Counter-Strike, one of the most popular mods requires one of the teams to plant a bomb near an vital objective, while the other team needs to stop the bad guys from blowing up the objective. Naturally, there’s plenty of shooting to be had in the meantime, so you certainly won’t miss the action.

As mentioned before, one of the most attractive prospects in the game is the possibility to customize items and equip personalized weapons, unlike in the old Counter-Strike. Hence, there are plenty of options to choose from, all of which help you set yourself apart from everyone else. On the other hand, the graphics engine is quite old and weak, so don’t expect amazing results either.

A decent clone for FPS enthusiasts

All things considered, CrossFire can barely be considered original, especially since the gameplay is not at all unheard of. However, if you can find a group of players to have fun with and you are not disturbed by the old graphics engine, the game can be quite entertaining.

CrossFire Client was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 7th, 2015
CrossFire Client - There are multiple characters to choose from at the beginning of the game.CrossFire Client - The match starts when all the players are ready to go.CrossFire Client - Your goal is to plant the bomb, or stop the bad guys from planting it.CrossFire Client - screenshot #4CrossFire Client - screenshot #5CrossFire Client - screenshot #6CrossFire Client - screenshot #7CrossFire Client - screenshot #8CrossFire Client - screenshot #9CrossFire Client - screenshot #10CrossFire Client - screenshot #11CrossFire Client - screenshot #12CrossFire Client - screenshot #13CrossFire Client - screenshot #14CrossFire Client - screenshot #15CrossFire Client - screenshot #16

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