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A wacky racing game that pitches you into online competitions against other people

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Crazy Kart is a hectic little racing game in which you get to compete against other players behind the wheel of some interesting cars on even more interesting tracks. The game is played online with other people, so you need to have a registered account with Zapak to be able to play it.

Simple gameplay for simple fun

Right off the bat, Crazy Kart features the Mario Kart gameplay in the sense that you have short and dynamic tracks, wacky cars and racers, power-ups and a lot of drifting for easy control. Visually, there are similarities between the two but each one has its own style.

The gameplay rules are simple, like in any kart racer, you have to cross the finish line first and use any means available to do so. You get to launch guided missiles at the racer in front of you, leave smoke trails to confuse the rest and use speed boosts that can ensure your win.

All in all, Crazy Kart features fun gameplay and some of the toughest shortcuts to take since ever. As much as it is easy to play normally, it’s equally tough to get all the shortcuts right.

It’s a gamble when it comes to online play

Since Crazy Kart is played online, you need an account. Making one is not a challenge and the wait for confirmation takes only a few minutes if you’re lucky. The problem is when you want to log in because it won’t work all the time.

Depending on your location, you might have some issues when trying to connect. That is, if the game doesn’t crash before it actually starts.

It’s a nice game, if you can make it work

To wrap it up, Crazy Kart is a well made generic racing game. It’s fun and easy to play and since you get to race real people all the time, it’s more engaging. If you manage to access a created account and log in, you’ll have a bit of fun.

Crazy Kart was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
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