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This is a new Online RPG game that everyone will surely enjoy because it comes with Kung Fu fighting.

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9Dragons is a martial arts MMORPG that’s set in ancient China. It brings you into a time where good and bad had other meanings, where chivalry had a different form and its your destiny to become a great warrior by responding to your calling.

An MMORPG, plain and simple

If you’ve seen one MMORPG you’ve seen them all, and that applies to 9Dragons as well. Apart from the martial arts setting and visual theme that comes with it, the rest is fairly plane to downright flat.

That doesn’t necessarily refer to the graphics, those are fairly decent, but in terms of having something exciting to it, you might find 9Dragons disappointing. There are several clans to choose from, plenty of skills to learn and perfect and tons of quests to embark on but then again you have that in other MMORPGs as well.

More than anything, 9Dragons feels as if it has stopped time somehow and translated the game from five years ago into today, it’s a bit too old’school to bother with.

PvP and PvE but mostly click that, press this key, kill and move on

9Dragons follows the classic and standardized gameplay that is implemented in nearly all 3D MMORPGs. You create a character of a certain type and you start your journey to becoming a great and respected warrior. Quests get you through the storyline(s) and allow you to explore the vast world and PvP matchups get you recognition amongst other players.

If you’re new to MMORPGs, 9Dragons will be more than appealing (except for when it comes to graphics and HUD design) but if you’ve been down the MMO road before, combat is just as anticlimactic as in the rest. Clicking stuff and pressing keys while slightly moving is not all that exciting. However, if you aim to put some good hours into it, getting some rare gear, powerful weapons and high level skills, seeing the crits pop out will be rather satisfying.

It’s a decent MMORPG but just slightly so

On a closing note, a recommendation is to get the game and give it a shot. The text behind it makes a difference, there is a lot to learn and there will be plenty of moments in which the game will be great. The only major letdown will be the repetitive gameplay, a flaw most of them have.

9Dragons Client was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
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