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This is the new Ouch mod for World of Warcraft.





Ouch is a mod to help review the recent damage and/or healing taken by a player, group member, or raid member.

It's designed to be opened and reviewed after the fact to help determine why a player has died, or is taking too much damage, etc. It's like a personal combat log for each person you set it to, up to a max of 8. This is a very handy tool for raid leaders, or healing coordinators in a raid to troubleshoot tank deaths!

While not open, the window collapses to a very small button on screen, which you can drag by holding down Alt. Click it to show/hide the main window, or type /ouch.

The first tab of the main window is always set to yourself. You can add other players to monitor by selecting another tab and entering their name in the box. You can then configure per tab to show damage, healing, or estimated current health.

By default the mod has 4 tabs active. To change this to more or less, open the Ouch.lua file in the mod and change the value on the first line to the number you desire (up to 8).

You may also set the mod to filter out specific heals, such as spammy small heals like Healing Stream Totem. Click the ? in the top right of the main window for additional slash commands.
Last updated on March 13th, 2012
World of Warcraft Addon - Ouch

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