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MapMonster was written to be a one-stop shop for all custom map pin functionality. It can be used by both players and developers.

For the player, you can view, make, edit, move, delete and share your pins with others, any zone, anywhere. If you left click on a map pin regular MapMonster pins will open the view window, map pins created by external addons will call their own functionality. If you right click on any MapMonster pin it will bring up the context menu for basic pin functions. At the top right corner of the zone map is also a filter button, it has 3 modes, All Pins, Default Pins, MapMonster Pins, for when you've got too much clutter, right clicking on the filter button will open the filters context menu and submenu so you can enable or disable the display for specific MapMonster pin types and sub types individually. To create a new pin simply CTRL+LEFT CLICK the location on the zone map you wish to make a pin and the editor will open and all fields will be editable to let you place a new pin for any zone in any location you want. You can also create a new pin right where your standing with the slash commands /mm or /mapmonster, simply type /mm new to open the editor with your current position already inserted.

For developer you can call MapMonster global API functions to create your own type of map pin and sub types, all with custom icons, tooltip text, when a player left clicks on one of your map pin the call is sent to your addon and you can enable any kind of functionality like opening the Tome of Knowledge, opening your own addon window, or anything else you want, right click are reserved for the MapMonster context menu. Full API reference on the CurseForge MapMonster project pages
Last updated on March 21st, 2011
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