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Supreme Commander Mod - Campaign RulesSupreme Commander Mod - Campaign RulesSupreme Commander Mod - Campaign Rules
Set in the 37th century, Supreme Commander signals the next evolution in the RTS genre by being the first strategy game to deliver a truly strategic and tactical experience.

Take your role as the leader of a one of the three factions, the Aeon Illuminate, the Cybran Nation or the United Earth Federation, as their Supreme Commander, the ultimate power on the battlefield.

The conflicts you fight are won or lost because of strategies devised and executed by you on the field of battle. It'll take every ounce of your strategic might to successfully unleash and direct a war machine comprised of hundreds of advanced, futuristic weapons across land, sea and in the air. Challenging you for galactic supremacy are some of the most cunning and intelligent enemies ever seen in an RTS game. Enemies that will fight to the death for every scrap of territory and show no mercy.

Aiding you in your war effort is a dynamic and revolutionary camera system that lets you instantly zoom in and out of location on the map and direct your forces the way you need to!.

Delivering one of the most advanced and innovative features of any RTS game, Supreme Commander establishes a breathtaking new standard with the sheer scope and scale of its gameplay. Colossal battles tear across maps of incomparable size as hundreds of units clash in epic battles of supremacy.
Scale: Witness tiny assault bots get crushed into oblivion by towering mega units, or watch as smaller attack bombers desperately try to bring down a gigantic experimental unit.

Scope: Concentrate on individual ground battles or zoom all the way out in a single, seamless motion that reveals the full theatre of war. Plan and unleash multiple strategic attacks from this tactical vantage point.

Plan, coordinate, and unleash strategic ground, naval and air attacks in a true display of combined-arms tactics.

Use your heavy bombers to weaken a key enemy position before sending in your ground assault forces to mop up any survivors. Shell enemy fortifications with your water-based destroyers, or use submarines to launch a surprise attack against enemy aircraft carriers.

In Supreme Commander, there are no limits to the strategic possibilities.

Last updated on June 3rd, 2007

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