Minecraft Mod - Single Player Commands

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A MOD for Minecraft which provides a long list of commands that can be used in a wide range of situations







Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the player can explore an infinite land and build just about anything he or she can think of.

Minecraft uses an open world that is procedurally generated and filled with all kinds of terrain, mobs and resources. There is no endgame objective, so the players chooses the way they want to play the game. Whether you explore all the time or build colossal structures, it's up to you.

You also get two alternate worlds to find and explore, as well as a boss NPC to battle. Minecraft features three modes that can be played, survival, creative and adventure, each with its unique objectives and play style.

The game also sustains a high level of modding to accommodate various requests and needs which players might have. Downloading and using the mod provided on this page you will be able to add a large number of custom commands to Minecraft.

To mention a few you have 'achievement' which lists or unlocks achievements, atlantis which toggles atlantis mode on or off, clone that creates of duplicate of the NPC you are lookingat and so on.
Last updated on July 26th, 2013
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