GTA Vice City Mod - Real Vice City1

Real Vice City1 is a new mod for GTA Vice City.
Whenever you are in need of a change within the world of GTA Vice City, you can try out the new Real Vice City1so that you can get a touch of realism.

Here are some key features of "Real Vice City1":

· You can win Diaz's villa in Wildcar race.
· Gang weapons changed, your gang drives Sabre Turbo.
· Colombians have new turf.
· You can do a taxicall to Star Island anywhere for 5$.
· Almost every mission is changed.
· Read help messages to know game better.
· No bugs in game i can assure you.
· New map icons.
· Wildcar race on Ocean Beach(gangmembers drive Bfinject)
· You can buy bullet-proof cars in Sunshine Autos.
· Some shiti missions have been removed.
· You can hire any gangmembers. Drive thru the city and find them sitting.
· You can buy policestation and you'll never be wanted.
· A lot of top cars in Sunshine Autos.
· When you're busted you'll be in the cell of the prison in Washington Beach police station.
· Some cellphone calls have been removed.
· All telephone missions are new.
· You have a girlfriend. Her name is Tami Hart.
· You can find Alex Shrub in Strip Club.
· No blockroads in Vice City.
· Respawn if you're in water.
· You can start gangwar if gang is attacking you.
· Haitians are friends and cubans are enemies.
· You can dance in Malibu Club, drink in clubs
· You can enter some places.
· You have got 10 pills, it increases health.
· Missions starts faster.
· You can smoke grass in villa.
· Now you can buy Tec9 in Ammu-nation.

last updated on:
July 6th, 2009, 3:04 GMT
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3rd Person
developed by:
Perezhogin Alexei
C: \ Mods/Addons


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GTA Vice City Mod - Real Vice City1


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