Fusion Pack SE Final (CS 1.6) 12 Mod

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Add a fresh new look to your Counter Strike 1.6 game with Fusion Pack SE. Enjoy!







Counter-Strike is one gargantuan titles in gaming history, being one of the most competitive and fun games to play. It's based on a simple concept, terrorist plant the bomb and defend it until it explodes, while counter-terrorists have to eliminate the bad guys and disarm the bomb.

The game allows you to use a high variety of weapons that are especially designed for various scenarios. Though Counter-Strike has been modded over the years, new playing styles developed, some players only feel the need to change how some things look and not tamper with the mechanics.

For this reason, this mod pack has been created for you and others who want to change the way terrorist and counter-terrorist teams look, modify weapon aesthetics and models, as well as add new sounds.

The mod installation might leave you to deal with some issues such as an unresponsive process, potential errors but to make things easier for you, the pack comes with help files that can guide you.
Last updated on September 13th, 2004
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