Counter-Strike: Source Silver Skin Pack

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This is a skin pack for Counter-Strike Source that makes all your weapons shiny silver!





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Counter-Strike: Source, at the time of its release caught the attention of a lot of fans with its fresh graphics, a much needed improvement as gameplay seemed to be perfect.

Along with the boost in visuals came a redesign for weapons to make them more realistic and of course, new audio effects. The weapon redesign was certainly the best thing to happen because who plays Counter Strike and doesn't love seeing the weapons firing directly at the enemy.

To spice things up, a series of mod packs have been developed to offer players a variety of changes to the way things look. One of them is this pack which has been created to cover your weapons in a nice layer of silver.

After the pack is applied, you can fire a shiny silver Scout, Glock18, TMP, M3 Super90, USP and even the grenade fragments will be covered in a coat of the same color.
Last updated on January 7th, 2005
Counter-Strike: Source Silver Skin Pack - screenshot #1Counter-Strike: Source Silver Skin Pack - screenshot #2

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