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A light tool that grants you access to the Return To Blockland service and with it, to loads of content




Return To Blockland or RTB is a service that was designed for Blockland, with which players could download approved add-ons for the game.

With it users could install add-ons from within the game as well as uninstall them with a simple click. It came with add-on groups such as weapons, maps, prints, tools, sounds, bricks, vehicles, interactive, game modes and effects.

RTB also enable users to keep connected as it provided IRC services. It can be used to talk to friends as well as to other players form around the world. The service also provides the means to access special areas such as Bargain Bin, Private Mods, Holding Tank and Fail Bin.
Last updated on August 2nd, 2009
Blockland - Return To Blockland AddonBlockland - Return To Blockland AddonBlockland - Return To Blockland Addon

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