Warcraft 3 Map - Naruto vs Bleach 1.9m

An arena style map for Warcraft 3 which allows you to pick characters from Naruto and Bleach as your champions

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What's new in Warcraft 3 Map - Naruto vs Bleach 1.9m:

  • Semi-revamped Hidan:
  • You now require 2 consecutives attacks to mark a unit.
  • Damage won't be shared if marked unit is 1000 range away from Hidan.
  • Reduced Cooldowns, mana costs in overall.
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Warcraft 3 Map - Naruto vs Bleach
Warcraft 3 is a game that has left its fans with a memorable campaign, legendary heroes and a unique world at heart.

Even though Warcraft 3 has a considerable amount of years behind it, it's still very much alive thanks to the large number of modders in its community. Lots of gamers, designers and coders have managed to take the game to new levels and offer all kinds of distinct challenges.

These take the shape of custom created maps which are in fact mini-games within Warcraft 3. Some have become wildly popular and one of them is Naruto vs Bleach.

The map is an arena in which you are able to pick  one of 18 characters that originate from the Naruto and Bleach anime series. Each one comes with his or her special set of skills and you must use them wisely to defeat your adversary.

The map supports multiple players set on opposing sides who must first defeat various neutral minions to gain experience and items which allow them to grow in power. When you feel you are prepared for a little PVP, you can seek out your enemy and see who comes out victorious.

Naruto vs Bleach is built on a Sunken Ruins tileset with a size of 128 by 128 and features modes such as -ap, -ar, -sm, -usm, -dm, -id and -tc.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2013


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