Warcraft 3 Map - Castle Fight 1.13b

A tug of war where one team pushes the offensive of the other team in hopes of destroying their base
Warcraft 3 Map - Castle Fight
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Warcraft III has enabled its players to constantly imagine and re-imagine new things to do in the game because it provides a lot of customization freedom for its characters, maps, animations and so on.

Throughout the years players and non-players have created thousands of custom maps that range from tower defense to hero arenas with all kinds of themes, rules and gameplay. On of the custom maps that has made a name for itself in the community is Castle Fight.

In this map you team up with other players and have to create an army that is sufficiently powerful to eliminate the opposing team's forces and their base. The rules are fairly simple, you get to choose a race and build structures that spawn units at fixed intervals of time. When produced, your land or air fighters are automatically given the attack order and are marched towards the enemy.

You don't have to focus on any strategy other than what units to create in order to counter those that are sent by the other team. A task that is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds.

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Warcraft 3 Map - Castle Fight
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