Company of Heroes Map - Ooreti Beach Invasion

This is the Ooreti Beach Invasion map for the game Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes Map - Ooreti Beach Invasion
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Company of Heroes is a WWII real-time strategy game where players will be able to experience the intensity, courage, and bravery of the heroes that defined a generation.

This is a nice looking map with that will add replay value to your game. To install the map just put the file in the Company of Heroes\ww2\Data\Scenarios\MP.

This is a four player multiplayer map for Company Of Heroes. The Japanese campaign in the Pacific has been hugely successful, after successfully occupying Australia, and forcing out the occupying American forces. General Mac Arthur has been forced to withdraw to one of the last strategic points in the Pacific. With Hawaii under siege, and Admiral Kings forces occupied in a titanic sea battle, it looks grim. England too has remained in a siege for five years now, and without any significant US forces to help strengthen their position, there has been no “D-Day”.

In September a German Expeditionary force arrived in Australia. The plan was the Imperial Japanese forces will take the North of the country, the German Wermacht and SS units, the South. Early in the morning on the 3rd of December the Forces of the Reich have successfully landed and secured the beach head of Oreti Beach, just a few kilometers south of Invercargill. December 5th; They push on...

Will the invasion succeed or fail?

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Company of Heroes Map - Ooreti Beach Invasion
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2 Screenshots
Company of Heroes Map - Ooreti Beach Invasion

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