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An action-packed top-view zombie shooter that sports unending hordes of undead creatures and just as many bullets

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The Alien shooter series has been a fan favorite for many years, thanks to its punishing difficulty level, large number of enemies on the screen at once and the curious blend of futuristic action and RPG elements. Now, the very same recipe is being reused by the developers in order to exchange the aliens for zombies, but keeping the same mechanics in place.

Make your way through a desolated environment

Zombie Shooter 2 brings forth a large selection of improvements when it comes to weapon collection, gameplay mechanics and the campaign mode. Hence, beside the fact that there's a new career in store, you also get to experience brand new locations and meet a variety of interesting NPCs along the way, who help you survive the horde and reach safety.

Just like in the first title and the Alien Shooter franchise, the action revolves around your ability to shoot the approaching zombies as fast as you can and avoid being cornered, since your character quickly falls under their attacks. However, by making use of the powerful arsenal at your disposal, this task should not be too difficult, especially since you can wield anything from machine-guns, to shotguns and flame throwers.

Pleasant graphics and smooth gameplay

As far as the visual chapter is concerned, the game features the same kind of graphics its predecessors did, although it does come with a few minor improvements. On the other hand, this might also cause you to feel that you've already played through some of the levels, especially those that are not decorated with anything else than grass and trees.

Gameplay-wise, the game remained just as difficult and frustrating as before, especially in the survival mode, where you get to test how much you would survive with nowhere to run. In order to do so, you must defeat the horde, level up and gather the supplies dropped by the zombies in the meantime, otherwise you are left with nothing to fight back with.

An intense game that quickly gets you hooked

All in all, Zombie Shooter 2 should feel all too familiar to the fans of the series, while newcomers should fined quite the challenge in it. Despite the high difficulty level, the rewards are definitely worth the effort and you also get to have some revenge from time to time, using powerful weapons or vehicles to make your way through the horde.

Zombie Shooter 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 31st, 2014
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