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A fun space exploration game that features intense combat sequences, plenty of loot and a lot of humor

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Whenever spaces enters the conversation, most people envision the great distances between the stars, complete silence and colorful nebulae shining from a few billion years away. However, video games certainly have a different opinion on that, because everything revolves around spaceships, vicious aliens and warpdrive engines whenever space is part of the equation.

A hack-and-slash in space

Zigfrak is a game that goes even further and portrays a galaxy filled with constant conflict, whether it's humans against humans, humans against aliens, or anything else that's capable of wielding a gun. Thus, war is always raging in some part of the cosmos, while everyone tries to stay alive and gather as much loot as possible in the meantime, by scavenging the remains of those who fall in battle.

At its core Zigfrak is basically a hack-and-slash title, because it all revolves around your ability to kill as many enemies as possible, in order to collect better items and improve your own ship, as well as gain more experience. However, there is also an exploration gimmick to talk about, because the game world is rather large and you get to visit its every corner whenever you feel like it.

Pleasant graphics and intense boss fights

One major component that cannot miss from a H&S title is the possibility to engage in boss fights against far greater and superior enemies from around the galaxy. Not only that you can do that, but the bosses are also very original and engaging, making it a real challenge for you to put them down. In addition, humor is also a big part of the game, with plenty of subtle jokes going on during the dialogue and the mission briefings. Naturally, all of these elements contribute greatly toward making the title extremely enjoyable and memorable.

It is also worth noting that the graphic design is exquisite on its own, thanks to the mesmerizing special effects and the very detailed objects scattered around the environment, which really bring the cosmos to life. In addition, an engaging soundtrack is always playing in the background, sporting some great sci-fi tunes to get your space mood going.

A different take on space simulators

While Zigfrak may not be your usual space simulator, it does come with some original ideas that work great when they are combined with humor and excellent gameplay mechanics. In addition, the beautiful graphics practically beg you to explore the galaxy and see everything the game has to offer.

Zigfrak was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 6th, 2014
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