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The worms are back at it again, this time with the ability to wage war in an online multiplayer mode

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The Worms series has demonstrated the fact that size has nothing to do with violence, since even a small team of earthworms can cause havoc and destruction if they really want to do so. Obviously, the large collection of ridiculous weapons they have at their disposal really comes in handy, ranging from bazookas, to fireballs and various other doomsday devices.

The fun continues in multiplayer

Worms World Party features the same amount of fun and entertainment, only this time it can be played online, along with gamers from all over the world. Although the core mechanics and the gameplay has remained largely unchanged from the previous title, there are some additions, most of which aim to improve the overall experience and provide you with more ways to inflict pain on the other worms.

The game plays out as a classic sidescroller, which means that the carnage is still limited to two dimensions only. On the other hand, the environment is as destructible as ever, so, while you might be glad that you have managed to avoid the nuke that fell a few feet from you, the hole it created can get you in a lot of trouble as well, since it leaves you almost unable to properly use your arsenal.

Tricky maps riddled with traps

As the series accustomed you by now, the maps come in a variety of themes and they all pose different challenges. Hence, beside the water that kills you if you happen to fall into it, there are also land mines scattered around some environments, which immediately go off whenever a worm steps on it. You can use these traps to your advantage as well, since some objects can be shot on purpose in order to explode and cause massive damage to any player that happens to be too close.

While the graphics have not changed too much, the visual appearances have been improved a bit, with new animations and different textures for the environment. In addition, the new weapons each have their own distinct look, as well as a special effect that can be seen whenever they are used. Naturally, some maps feature new type of terrain, while the land deformation engine now works even better.

The component that was missing from the mix

All in all, Worms World Party brings exactly what was missing from the series, which is an immensely entertaining online component. Furthermore, the variety of new maps and weapons should be enough to keep you playing for quite some time.

Worms World Party Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 14th, 2014
Worms World Party DemoWorms World Party DemoWorms World Party Demo

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