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A racing simulator in which you get to drive fast and resilient sprint cars in intense competitions

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World of Outlaws may not be the most famous motor sport competition in the world, but it does attract its fair share of attention and the drivers are quite experienced as well. In addition, the vehicles look interesting and they put out an impressive amount of power, despite their small size and rather limited physical endurance.

Compete against the best in the sport

World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars is a racing game that aims to depict the competition and include everything you might need in order to enjoy it yourself, including the official tracks, drivers and vehicles. In addition, the actual tournament is also playable, which means that you can go through every stage in the official order and really experience all the sport has to offer.

In essence, you should know that the tracks are not that exciting by themselves, since they are mostly oval-shaped and they do not pose too much difficulty when it comes to cornering. However, it's the other drivers you must watch, since one wrong move can send you out of the race. In addition, the cars are rather difficult to steer properly, due to the dirt surface.

Unrealistic handling and repetitive gameplay

Things get a bit harder to swallow as you keep on playing for more than a few minutes, since the simulation engine is definitely not in tune with reality on any level. The vehicles handle like they are on ice and you can just keep on sliding ad infinitum, without losing too much speed in the process. While this can be a bit tricky in the beginning, it takes a few minutes to get used to the mechanics and everything becomes very boring after that.

In addition, the physics engine does not resemble reality when it comes to collisions, because the cars act like they are made of rubber and they bounce wildly each time you happen to touch a wall, or another vehicle. Fortunately, the graphics engine is quite good-looking and the cars are detailed, although it makes very little difference when it comes to atmosphere and the overall experience.

An unpolished racing simulator

In the end, World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars does not try very hard to be liked, although it promises a lot of fun and plenty of entertainment. However, the repetitive circular tracks, silly physics and annoying car handling make it very difficult for anyone to properly enjoy the game.

World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 28th, 2014
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