World of Mixed Martial Arts 3

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An addictive simulator that allows you to manage and organize a fighter roster for an MMA company

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The world of competitive martial arts is in a constant state of change, since fighters do not usually have very long careers, regardless of how good they happen to be. However, behind the stage, someone also needs to take care of the administrative business of the sport, as well as decide who and where should fight, and how much money he is entitled to.

Manage the roster of a company

World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 is a game that deals with this aspect and does not, practically, feature any kind of on-screen violence. Instead, you are faced with the challenge of having to manage all the fighters that work for a specific agency or company and decide their next opponent, TV appearance and whether they should keep fighting or retire from the sport entirely.

As you might expect, the job is quite tough and you may not obtain the desired results in the beginning, regardless of how well you might think you're doing. Moreover, each company has a certain budget and it must be used as efficiently as possible, although the fighters also get upset if they do not get to practice their skills out in the ring. However, the budget won't always allow for everyone to fight, which means that you have to be prepared for a few unhappy employees.

Text-based interface and easy controls

Naturally, the entire game is text-based and you have to use your imagination a lot, in case you were hoping for some on-screen violence. However, since there's a lot of information that must be displayed on the screen at the same time, no other solution would be practical. In addition, the user interface has been designed to be as friendly as possible and not pose any difficulties to anyone.

The atmosphere is by far the most representative aspect of the game, since it can get quite exciting at times, especially when your fighters are doing well and everything goes according to plan. Moreover, you can always stumble onto new talents that can bring you a lot of money, as well as depart with old stars and put on one last show for them, to say goodbye to the fans.

The world of MMA in a nutshell

In the end, World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 fixed a lot of things from the previous version and it has become one of the most addictive games of in its category, although there aren't too many based on this exact sport to begin with. Additionally, the great mechanics and intuitive controls make it very easy to pick up and play, regardless of any previous experience with management simulators.

World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 20th, 2014
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