World Racing 2 Volkswagen Demo

World Racing 2 will put the fun of driving at centre stage and offer optimised arcade racing characteristics.
World Racing 2 Volkswagen Demo
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I had already left the burning sun, the long roads of Nevada stretching to the horizon and my powerful SLK far behind, but I could still taste the hot desert dust on my lips…

Now I'm thundering through the Alps in my ML. To my left a massive rock face stretches skyward and to my right a ravine falls away in a 1,000-foot drop. My palms are sweaty! But if I'm going to convince the mountain rescue service of our new off-roader, I've got to get through and give it my best shot. I've got to reach the target hut as fast as I can.

Damn the day I agreed to take the place of a test driver at Mercedes-Benz. Now, there is no way back! I thought to myself: This is the challenge of my lifetime. I can become the No.1 driver!

Fasten your seatbelt and step into the shoes of an inexperienced test driver for Mercedes-Benz with the aim to become the N°1!

Prepare yourself to take cars you have never driven before, around circuits that you have never even seen before, under the most difficult racing conditions to achieve a good placing or to meet set targets. Your every move will be monitored and saved to your profile.

World Racing is a racing simulation from the next generation of games. The newly developed 3D-Landscape-Engine gives the player a totally new feeling of freedom in the virtual racing reality.

Main features:

  • Enjoy 117 different tracks throughout 7 huge, fully accessible, 3D environments (Nevada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the Alps, the City and the Test Centre), plus on PC only, the Hockenheimring in Germany!
  • Test your skills in the wide variety of the 48 missions and racing in single player and multiplayer modes!
  • Experience more than 100 original Mercedes-Benz cars including A to S classes (including the latest E class and CLK), racing, vintage and prototype models, plus only for the PC version the brand new McLaren SLR!
  • Discover the characteristics of each car, defined by 150 original data parameters supplied by Mercedes-Benz!
  • Choose a character to both store your profile and watch them react in the replays! Adjust the handling of each car from arcade to simulation to test your skills!
  • Experience the next generation of virtual reality with the new, state-of-the-art 3D-Landscape-Engine of World Racing!
  • Leave the road to take appropriate shortcuts or simply cruise through the terrain and enjoy exploring wherever you want!
  • Watch the road and drive carefully. All driving faults will be recorded by the collision model and displayed at different stages by the complex damage model!
  • Take the challenge of the large spectrum of different missions: Sport Runs, Training Sessions, Test Runs, Checkpoint Races, Endurance Contests, and other innovative missions!
  • Select a Racing Type: Training, Single Race, Mission mode or any combination of them all!
  • A game so beautiful, that you'll forget your mission from time to time. Luckily it's a computer game, so you can't get lost!
  • Dynamic AI providing a true race feeling

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World Racing 2 Volkswagen Demo
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3 Screenshots
World Racing 2 Volkswagen DemoWorld Racing 2 Volkswagen Demo

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