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World Racing 2 will put the fun of driving at center stage and offer optimized arcade racing characteristics.

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World Racing 2 is a racing and driving simulator that features decent graphics and a good deal of licensed cars. This demo allows you to try out the game in an Italian setting with two Skoda cars.

Drive along in a casual manner obeying traffic laws

The game was released on 2005 and by those standards, the graphics were pretty good. Now, they’re not so much and will appeal only for those who have low-end computers or those who just want to drive Skoda cars.

One thing the game manages to use to its advantage is the word you get to drive in. It features wide and narrow streets that wind and turn across a wide range of landscapes. Driving near a cliff you can see a paraglider and making a turn into the countryside enables you to stumble across some really nice looking towns. So, the environment and roads you can drive on are really appealing and offer a relaxing experience.

Well designed cars but far from the real thing

In World Racing 2 Skoda, the cars you drive look good on the outside but when it comes to the diver’s perspective, be ready for disappointment. Not only does the interior look cheap, you don’t even get to see the driver’s hands. Not to mention that the finishing touches on the buttons and panels are absent.

The game suffers when it comes to recreating the dash that is kind of a setback since everything else looks and feels ok. But then again, it is a game from 2005 which wasn’t all that popular to begin with.

All in all, a pleasant experience but a very short one

World Racing 2 Skoda will seem like a nice game at first but as you spend more time with it you’ll notice the simple design flaws and ultimately accept that it’s not an engaging game. You won't be playing it for too long.

World Racing 2 Skoda Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
World Racing 2 Skoda DemoWorld Racing 2 Skoda DemoWorld Racing 2 Skoda Demo

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