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Fight in historic air battles all over Europe and defeat the German Luftwaffe, using famous planes like Spitfire and Mustang

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World War II brought a lot of new technological advancements when it came to the weapons used in battle, most of which were devised out of the need to overpower the enemy's latest developments in the same domain. But, airplanes have evolved the most during the long years of war, since they had to be able to resist through tougher battles than before and fly for longer periods of time.

Get aboard the famous planes of WWII

Wings of Prey gives you the chance of piloting some of the most iconic aircraft that fought in the conflict, as well as go through an intense campaign and defeat the vicious nazi Luftwaffe, to gain the air supremacy. Hence, you get a first-hand experience aboard planes like the famous Spitfire, Mustang or Messerschmitt, all of which are closely modeled after their real counterpart.

Since the game takes realism quite seriously, you do have to go through an accommodation period before you are able to properly control the aircraft, even if you own a joystick. To emphasize on this, you are allowed to choose between three game modes at the start of the mission, including “Arcade”, “Realism” and “Simulator”.

As you have probably guessed, the “Simulator” mode is by far the toughest of all, since it takes into consideration every factor when it comes to the forces that act on the plane as it flies through the air. In addition, you are also forced into the cockpit view if you choose this mode, which leaves you unable to view your surroundings, other than through the windshield.

Take part in some of the most historic air battles

The campaign is comprised of a variety of missions which take you all over the Europe, fighting in the most famous battles against the German forces. In addition, you also get to pilot over 40 authentic planes over the course of the career, all of which act differently in the air and require a different approach in order to control properly.

To render the exquisite aircraft depicted in the game, a high-end graphic engine has been employed, which comes with very high-resolution textures and breathtaking special effects to top it all off. The same can be said for the sound as well, thanks to the authentic engine sounds which have been included for every available plane.

The only downside is the keyboard control, which makes it extra difficult for you to keep the aircraft flying straight, let alone take part in dogfights. However, the game is clearly made with a joystick in mind, so it cannot be really blamed for the lack of refinement when it comes to the controls.

Extend the fun in multiplayer

In the end, if the singleplayer campaign is not enough, you can always hit the Internet servers and join people from all over the world in a battle to the death above Europe. Thus, Wings of Prey becomes a very entertaining game, with plenty to offer even if you are not a plane enthusiast.

Wings of Prey Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 20th, 2014
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