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Take direct control over a tank and lead your army to victory in this 3D strategy game

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War always ends with death and a great number of victims on both sides, since it only ends when one of them decides they cannot afford to lose anymore. Hence, people are obviously not that eager to go to war with each other, regardless of the motives. However, the game at hand proposes a new way to resolve conflicts, one that would not require so many victims.

Upload the war into a computer simulation

Wargasm recommends itself as a real-time strategy game with a first-person shooter component as well, despite the rather disorienting name. In essence, you spend most of the time at the wheel of a tank and you must decimate the enemy forces that stand in front of you, but you can also quickly switch to a third-person perspective and access the rest of your military forces in order to perform a calculated attack.

However, probably the most weird thing about the game is its story, since it is pretty far-fetched and somewhat devoid of common sense. Thus, the plot talks about a pact between the world’s biggest superpowers, in which the largest countries on Earth abolished all weapons and vowed never to send people to kill each other again. Instead, all wars will be fought in a virtual environment, which realistically simulates the battlefield conditions, only without the human losses.

Interesting gameplay mechanics and plenty of freedom

If you manage to ignore the story and focus on the gameplay, you might find that the game is actually quite good and there are plenty of tactics you can employ on the battlefield. Moreover, the first-person perspective allows you to be a part of the conflict and help your forces make a difference, instead of just watching from the sidelines as your strategies are put into practice.

Given the fact that it was released quite a few years ago, the game is not a looker, nor does it work on a modern PC without having to tinker with it for a while. However, you can still have a lot of fun with and experience the curious blend of genres, since there aren’t many current titles that provide you with the same mixture. In addition, there are also plenty of interesting units you can take advantage of, or destroy, depending on the side you are on.

Experience the war on a more personal level

All things considered, Wargasm has plenty of depth and it can certainly keep you occupied for a long time, if you’ve still got the patience for such a game. There’s no denying that the developers got some things right, despite the fact that not a lot of creative work went into the story department.

Wargasm Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
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