Wargasm Demo 1.0

Play a new action game where you get to control your own tank and wreak havoc on your enemies.

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Wargasm DemoWargasm DemoWargasm DemoWargasm DemoWargasm DemoWargasm Demo
The year is 2025. Three years ago the governments of the world signed a treaty designed to save billions of lives. The treaty committed all major nations of the world to total disarmament, eradicating the possibility of war.

Instead war would be fought on a virtualbattlefield. Each nation constructed a database containing the virtual representations of their best front line forces and stored them on the World Wide War Web (WWWW). Web space was allocated on the basis of each region's economic and political standing in the world, and represented the military might of individual nations.

Reflecting the real-world situation, some nations were less well equipped than others, while Superpowers could field the best technology and bigger forces. In the World Wide War Web, the leaders of each nation could command their forces directly without loss of life.

In disputes, the victorious nations would take automatic control of the loser's electronic systems for banking, commerce and government… a brilliant dream, but flawed. In practise the WWWW was open for abuse, with hackers and saboteurs crippling the balance of power, bringing chaos, confusion, and uncontrollable conflicts against the new world order - a state of 'Wargasm' existed. In the real world, people starved and economies collapsed.

No longer was it clear who was in control. Your job - to take on all the forces of the World Wide War Web to restore order and save mankind from certain disaster...

Last updated on June 21st, 2009

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