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Explore dark dungeons and fight the forces of evil in this humorous, yet ingenious platformer with RPG elements

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Indie developers sometimes take advantage of the fact that there are no rules imposed on them by publishers or CEOs and integrate a variety of wild ideas into their games, just to see if they work. Brilliant ideas are born this way and some fascinating mechanics can be implemented into the games, in order to make the experience as entertaining and original as possible.

Stuck in a dungeon with nothing to do but survive

UnEpic is a 2D platformer with heavy RPG elements in which you have to explore a dark castle and survive its perils, while fighting dangerous foes, avoiding traps and searching the rooms for hidden treasure. However, it doesn’t start like any other role-playing game, in the sense that you are not a hero with dreams of greatness that goes on an adventure and ends up saving the realm from evil.

Instead, you are a modern guy who happens to be playing Dungeons & Dragons one evening and needs to use the toilet at one point, after he has too much beer to drink. As he takes care of business, the lights suddenly go out and he is left in utter darkness, with nothing to help him discern his surroundings. By making use of a lighter, he finds himself transported to what appears to be a dungeon, filled with monsters, traps and various other nasty things that can kill.

Creative gameplay mechanics and plenty of humor

As you might have guessed, the game does not take itself too seriously, especially when it comes to the story and the general atmosphere. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly clever and original, in the sense that you must approach each situation with an open mind if you want to survive. Hence, every enemy needs to be treated with care, because some can only be harmed with certain weapons, while others can take advantage of your own abilities and even trick you into killing yourself, as you will probably find out from the very first few minutes.

The platforming itself is not very difficult, although you do have to jump over a few traps and keep a close eye on the map if you want to avoid getting lost. Obviously, a lot of epic items and spells can be found along the way, all of which are used to deal with the dangers still waiting for you ahead. The humor never gets dropped from the equation, which makes it significantly easier to deal with some of the more difficult sections throughout the game.

A fun adventure with solid gameplay and a high replayability factor

Although it may not be your typical dungeon crawler, RPG, or platformer, UnEpic is still a unique game that deserves a shot from anyone who’s interested in having a good time. You might get frustrated along the way and some sections can significantly raise your blood pressure, but learning how to survive the castle perils is incredibly fun and rewarding, which makes for some nice memories in the end.

UnEpic Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
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