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Pick up your favorite rifle and prepare yourself for an endless duck hunting season

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Hunting is a sport that requires massive amounts of patience in order to gain experience and become an efficient practitioner. It is, however, also a sport that requires you to kill animals, sometimes with no good reason to do so, other than to get a chance to practice your favorite outdoor activity.

Give the nature a break and hunt virtual ducks for a change

Ultimate Duck Hunting gives you the opportunity to enjoy your hobby from the comfort of your own home, by providing you with a realistic depiction of the actual conditions in a hunt, but without the loud gunshot noises and the dead ducks. In addition, it also presents itself as quite the challenge, since it is rather difficult to shoot them in the game as well.

To start off with, you are given a couple of aiding tools to help you lure the ducks to your location and make them easier to target. Hence, by using decoys and a variety of mating calls, you are able to summon a flock of ducks in a matter of seconds, then have your pick at the ones you want to take down by simple aiming your rifle at them.

Use your dog to retrieve the fallen ducks

If you manage to shoot them, the ducks won't fall too close to you and you might end up losing their trail if you have to go searching for them each time you take a shot. Because of that, the game puts a dog at your disposal, which can be trained to run into the pointed direction and come back with the duck in its jaws, while you just sit and wait in the cover, to avoid being spotted.

Technical-wise, the game may show its age a bit when it comes to graphic quality, but that does not affect its entertainment factor at all. Hence, the ducks can be clearly distinguished from the background and the environments are quite detailed, despite the low resolution textures applied on the objects. In addition, the gameplay mechanics do not give you too much time to admire the landscape, since the ducks are quite quick and they do not stay in sight for too long.

Every day is duck hunting season

In conclusion, Ultimate Duck Hunting can be a fun adventure, especially since you can play it over the Internet with people from all over the world and compete with them for the highscore. The singleplayer mode is just as entertaining, though, as long as you have the same level of patience as you would in a real hunt.

Ultimate Duck Hunting Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
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