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Take your country through the qualifying stage and bring home the most prestigious European trophy

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The UEFA Euro football championship is one of the most prestigious soccer competitions in the world, in which the best European teams try to overpower each other in front of thousands of fans. As always, the big prize is a golden trophy that is only awarded once every four years, hence the high stakes of the competition.

Take your favorite team through the qualifiers

UEFA Euro 2008 allows you to be a part of the championship yourself, by choosing the desired team and taking it from the qualifying stages to the big final. There are a total of 52 teams, which more or less include almost every European country you might want to play as. In order to advance from the qualifiers, you must place on top of your group, by winning matches against the other teams.

Once you make it through, the real competition awaits and you have to tackle the best teams in order to go home with the trophy. To help you immerse into the atmosphere, the game provides you with all of the 8 official stadiums used in the championship, which are closely modeled to look as close to reality as possible.

Improved gameplay mechanics and AI

As it is customary for every new soccer title from EA Sports, new gameplay gimmicks and improvements are available in this new version as well. Thus, the players move better across the field and they also take advantage of a much more refined collisions engine to act more natural. In addition, the goalkeeper has also been tweaked, making it much more difficult to get the ball past him in most situations.

Graphically-speaking, though, there are very few improvements, most of which are aimed toward face models and the new fields, which means that there is nothing revolutionary to talk about. You can, however, observe the much more crafty AI, which is now capable of playing some new tricks on you and take you by surprise.

The same old recipe, only more refined

In the end, UEFA Euro 2008 may not revolutionize the genre, but it does feature the same exceptional mechanics that make the series so attractive. Thus, the game can be the perfect choice for any hardcore soccer fan, especially if you want to feel the thrill of the European championship for yourself.

UEFA Euro 2008 Official Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
UEFA Euro 2008 Official DemoUEFA Euro 2008 Official DemoUEFA Euro 2008 Official Demo

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