Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo

Take on the role of a dinosaur hunter and search the jungle fro your trophy.

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Acclaim Entertainment
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9 Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo Screenshots:
Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo - Hold on and get ready to start the adventure.Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo - If you don't live that much violence, you can turn off the blood.Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo - I got a knife ... in jungle ...Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo - You're axe against my knife, who's gonna win?Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter DemoTurok: The Dinosaur Hunter DemoTurok: The Dinosaur Hunter DemoTurok: The Dinosaur Hunter DemoTurok: The Dinosaur Hunter Demo
Did the dinosaurs' extinction squelch your dreams of hunting them down and killing them on your own? You get to explore a huge jungle and animations to do battle with prehistoric predators of all shapes and sizes.

The 14 high-tech weapons that you'll use in your strides to obliterate the scaled beasts include knives, a Tek-Bow, a grenade launcher, a pulse rifle, a quad rocket launcher, and an atomic fusion cannon.

This single-player adventure takes you through gorgeously rendered 3D worlds as you scale surfaces and swim underwater to take out razor-toothed raptors, triceratops, pterodactyls, and aliens? TUROK has lots of surprises up its sleeve, with additional obstacles like swinging logs, spiked branches, and crushing rockfalls.

Sound difficult? At least you'll be able to pick up health, ammo, and weaponry along the way to give you a leg up on your enemies. Truly a revolutionary game, TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter has spawned several sequels and countless imitators, but there's just nothing like the original.

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Last updated on October 25th, 2009

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