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Perform wild acrobatics and take on the Mexican drug cartel on your own in this action-fueled video game

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The drug underworld is well known for its brutality and violence, especially when cartels and large amounts of money are involved. Guns are basically a prerequisite to enter such an organization, which makes every member even more dangerous and unpredictable.

Take on the Mexican drug cartel by yourself

Total Overdose, on the other hand, takes the aforementioned ingredients and blends them with some dark humor for good measure, transforming the situation into the perfect premise for an action-fueled video game. Thus, by throwing in some over-the-top acrobatics, a healthy amount of gore and even more guns, the end result is pure fun and entertainment, which keeps you glued to the screen for hours at a time.

Story-wise, the game barely makes an effort to piece together a few plot points, but it does involve a bit of revenge, undercover DEA agents and drug overlords, all of which more or less come together to form a story line. The main spotlight is occupied by Ramiro Cruz, which is the name of your character and he is an ex-con hired by the DEA to continue his brother's undercover work for the agency. As such, you are sent into various missions across multiple locations, all of which have simple objectives as their goal.

Perform wild combos and acrobatics

To reach these goals, however, you must first make your way through the large number of enemies that guard the objectives. In order to achieve this, the game puts a wide array of weapons at your disposal, but they are not very powerful taken on their own. To improve their effect, you can make use of various combos and gimmicks you find around the environment, which allow you to take out multiple foes at the same time, while flying through the air in slow motion.

Other than the already overused bullet time, you also get to perform a few other tricks, some of which involve you jumping off a tractor while shooting two shotguns at the same time, also in slow motion. These effects are neatly rendered using the more than decent graphic engine, which is capable of displaying a very cartoonish environment to go along with your murder spree.

An adrenaline-infused gaming experience

Total Overdose can provide you with endless amounts of fun, as long as you do not take it seriously and take advantage of the wild possibilities put at your disposal. In addition, the missions can be approached in multiple ways, giving you even more chances to put your imagination into practice and find new methods to cause mayhem in the ranks of the cartel.

Total Overdose Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
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