Total Extreme Wrestling 2013

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A captivating simulator that allows you to become a successful wrestling promoter and manage the best fighters in the world

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Promoting a product is not as easy as you might think, since it is not enough to convince the people to buy it, but you also have to make sure that they keeping coming back for more. In the case of a sports promoter, this translates into being able to attract an audience with every show you organize, as well as have a close relationship with the press.

A different kind of wrestling game

Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 might sound like the type of game in which you get to mash buttons and take part in hardcore wrestling matches, but it is actually pretty far from that. In truth, the game allows you to become a wrestling promoter, which means that you are in charge of hiring new wrestlers for the team, handle their salaries and expanding your audience.

To do that, you must make the sport popular in other areas as well, by creating shows to please the crowds and making sure that they always ask for more. Obviously, it is also possible to lose popularity even in the most secure zones, in case you do not do your job properly and forget to tend to your original fan base as well.

Hire the next wrestling star

Just like in every other sport, stars rise and fall on a regular basis, especially since wrestling is not exactly a sport that accommodates old athletes, due to high injury risks. Thus, you must take advantage of your stars when they are young, otherwise you might lose them before you are able to put them to good use. However, new legends are always born and they are always one contract away, as long as you have an eye for talent and you can spot a future good deal.

As it was the case in the previous episodes as well, the game is entirely text-based and the action takes place in turns, in a way. Thus, after performing a few actions, looking at statistics and planning your next move, you must advance one day and start all over again. Over the course of a career, this can go on for years and years, or at least until you get bored.

Wrestling seen from a different perspective

Despite the lack of on-screen violence and next-gen graphics, Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 is definitely an exciting game, especially if you are into simulators and you enjoy taking care of the managerial business, rather that be the center of attention. In addition, it is also a good way to find out more about the sport and how it really works when the cameras aren't rolling.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 28th, 2014
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