Total Extreme Wrestling 2007

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A game that enables you to become a wrestling promoter and spread the fame of the sport throughout the world

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In the world of wrestling, the fighters are not the only variable, although they are the ones everyone sees in the ring and on television. Contrarily, there are a lot of people working in the backstage to make the events run smoothly, as well as take care of contracts, wages and all the other particulars that need to be sorted out before any kind of fighting takes place in the ring.

Become a wrestling event promoter

Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 allows you to take on the job of a wrestling promoter and try your best to make the sport popular in all across the world, by hosting live-action events, as well as televised transmissions. To achieve this, you must first sign contracts with TV channels, housing venues, staff members and other people, all of which are instrumental if you want to be successful in the business.

In addition, there is also the matter of the fighters themselves, who need to be scouted and vetted before they are recruited to appear in your shows. To that effect, each one of them hold certain attributes, which are rated from A to F. Depending on these, you can assess their value and whether they are able to put on a good show for the crowd, which ultimately decides your overall event rating and popularity.

Keep track of the other companies

As you might expect, your company is not the only one that wants to make some money from wrestling, but just one of hundreds of other that want the exact same thing. Thus, these can sometimes steal fighters from you by offering them better contracts, as well as take your spotlight on TV channels. You can, however, make alliances with them as well, in order to promise that you won't compete with each other on the same markets.

Since the game does not feature any kind of 3D content, most of the information is presented in text mode. Because of this, the system requirements are very low, allowing basically anyone to run it without too many problems. It does use a rather hefty database, on the other hand, which might put some stress on the hard disk each time it needs to load the records, or update them according to the new circumstances.

Follow your dreams and live in the world of wrestling

In the end, although Total Extreme Wrestling might not be fueled by adrenaline and engaging fights between the wrestlers, the anticipation before each match is just as real. In addition, fun comes in other packages as well and you can definitely enjoy managing the fights from a non-violent point of view as well.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 - You can create a new character and choose his style.Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 - The Overview panel displays your alerts and emails.Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 - You can view the available promotions and locations for your next events.Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 - screenshot #4

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