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A simple rummy-style card game that allows you to have quick and fun gaming session with two other friends

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There are many card games spread around the world, although some are more famous and popular than others. Spades, poker and bridge are amongst the most well-known and popular, but in some parts of the globe, other games hold the reign and they might not even be familiar to strangers. Thanks to the wonders of technology, on the other hand, traditions and customs can spread like wildfire nowadays.

A rummy-like card game

Tongits is a video game modeled after a card game brought over from The Philippines somewhere during the 1990s, although its history is quite blurry anyway. Unlike many other foreign entertainment imports, such as mahjong or backgammon, this one did not really become too popular and it is only played in small circles, maybe due to the fact that it is very similar to other rummy-based games.

Hence, the basic rules are largely the same as in rummy, since you have to match cards together and get rid of them as quickly as possible. You can arrange them by color, pair them, or even build straights, which work on the same principle as in poker. When the deck runs out of cards, the player with the fewest points in hand wins the round.

Simple interface and nice A.I.

Just like rummy and basically every other card game out there, luck has a lot to say when it comes to deciding the outcome of a match. The cards are shuffled and dealt automatically by the computer, but the randomization algorithm is not always spot-on and you might find yourself losing the match in a matter of seconds, due to the A.I. having a good starting hand.

Speaking of which, the CPU follows the rules of the game pretty well and it certainly is a challenge to beat it, although you can only do that with luck on your side. In addition, the visual quality is great and you won’t have any problems discerning the cards from each other, not to mention the fact that it is very simple to make use of the drag-and-drop user interface in order to move the cards around and stack them together as needed.

A simple, yet addictive little game

As any other game of this type, Tongits can become quite addictive, especially since the A.I. is a real challenge and it always feels good to be the one who wins the round. In addition, you can bet on the matches and make a lot of virtual money in the process, which is always liable to cause a bit of addiction.

Tongits Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 4th, 2015
Tongits Demo - You can read up on the rules or start a new game from the main menu.Tongits Demo - Every match starts out the same, although with different cards for each player.Tongits Demo - You can pair cards and use them to lower your score.Tongits Demo - screenshot #4Tongits Demo - screenshot #5

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