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Arrange the falling pieces in such a way as to score as many points as possible in this Tetris remake

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Tetris is probably one of the oldest video games out there, right next to Pong and similar titles. It’s premise is incredibly simple, yet it still manages to captivate people even now, despite its age and primitive looks. On the other hand, there are countless remakes you can try out, each one of which brings something different to the original recipe and provides you with a slightly different experience.

A classic game of Tetris, now with colors

Tetris Worlds is not very inventive when it comes to the gameplay rules, but it does feature some new gimmicks when it comes to the graphics and the environments. Hence, the 3D landscapes are definitely an improvement over the plain 2D ones, not to mention the fact that even the pieces are three-dimensional models, which sort of gives them more weight.

In addition, you can also try your hand in a number of different modes, which are not very far from the original formula, but they do bring a drop of novelty to it. In addition, the worlds themselves vary from fantasy-inspired landscapes, to hills and many other breathtaking vistas, depending on which one you choose in the beginning of the game.

Increasing difficulty level and plenty of statistics

To make matters more interesting and increase the challenge, the difficulty level rises as you keep on getting more points. Thus, the pieces start to descend faster and faster, which leaves you with less time to position them accurately and think about what comes next. Speaking of which, the next six pieces can be seen beforehand, which is kind of a cheat, depending on how hardcore you like your Tetris to be.

After you manage to beat the levels, a variety of statistics are displayed on the screen, detailing the number of double lines, triple lines and a variety of other data. In addition, you can always try to beat your high scores and obtain a better rating, by avoiding to make mistakes and watching out for the best combinations possible, in order to move as quickly as possible.

Good replay value and a lot of content

All things considered, Tetris Worlds is about as you would expect it to be, as long as you are familiar with Tetris in its classical form. The few variations that are available can keep you entertained for longer, while the appealing graphical design should make things that much more exciting.

Tetris Worlds Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 20th, 2015
Tetris Worlds Demo - You can start a new game or choose the desired world from the main menu.Tetris Worlds Demo - The next six pieces can be seen in the right part of the screen.Tetris Worlds Demo - Things get quite complicated if you do not pay attention.Tetris Worlds Demo - screenshot #4Tetris Worlds Demo - screenshot #5Tetris Worlds Demo - screenshot #6Tetris Worlds Demo - screenshot #7

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