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A humorous game that allows you to play doctor and make a mess of even the simplest surgeries

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Doctors need to train for many years in order to get the chance to practice medicine, but even then they must start off as mere assistants, until they are ready to wield the scalpel themselves. Surgeon Simulator 2013, on the other hand, gives you free reign over the entire medical toolbox, as well as an endless stream of patients for you to try and fix.

Perform transplants and various other operations

When you first start off, you are barely given any explanations, other than the fact that you are supposed to perform a certain type of surgery and you should do your best not to kill the patient in the process. Hence, by picking up tools from the nearby tables, you can start chopping off body parts and putting them back, as well as exchange organs with new ones, in the case of transplants.

However, the whole idea of the game is that you can only control one hand and even that proves to be very difficult, since there's a separate key for every finger and you also have to use the mouse to direct it toward the desired points. As you might expect, things quickly get pretty chaotic, especially after you learn how to pick up a scalpel and start waving it around.

Credible physics engine and smooth graphics

When it comes to the technical part, the game is actually quite realistic, especially in the case of the tools that are lying around the table. Hence, they act very natural when dropped or picked up, not to mention that your grip is very important as well, although it is quite difficult to perform a sturdy one. In addition, blood comes gushing out whenever you cut something, whether by accident or not.

The GUI is as simple as it can get, with a timer that shows how much time you've spent into the surgery and another one depicting how much blood your patient's got left before he dies. Naturally, the game ends whenever the patient runs out of blood, you can easily squeeze a lot of quality time with almost every tool on the table before that happens.

Am amusing game to put a smile on your face

At the end of the day, Surgeon Simulator 2013 should not be taken as anything else than a hilarious attempt to cause some laughs and fun. Thus, the game's got the potential to provide you with countless hours of fun, especially if you choose to share them with a friend.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 30th, 2014
Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo - Coordinating your thumb with the other fingers is not as easy as it may sound.Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo - Your patient is already opened up when you start the operation.Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo - Most of the tools are not exactly useless in a surgery.Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo - screenshot #4Surgeon Simulator 2013 Demo - screenshot #5

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