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Master the art of Sudoku with this visual representation of the game, featuring multiple tiles and difficulty levels

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Few games are more popular than the old Japanese puzzle, especially now that computers made it so simple to generate patterns. Hence, people are no longer confined to pen and paper, since they can easily use their computers to do as many puzzles as they like. Not only that, but there are a variety of styles you can get it in nowadays, depending on your preferences.

Customize the pieces and the background pattern

SudokuGraphic is one variant you can try out, which features a lot of different visual styles and graphics for the tiles. Whether you want to play using regular numbers or exchange them for flowers and various other colorful items, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not only that, but the entire experience is customizable, in order to make it as simple for you to enjoy yourself as possible.

Naturally, the actual game of Sudoku is unchanged and everyone who’s familiar with it should pick it up right away. Thus, the rules are the same and all you have to do is fill in the blank spaces with the adequate digit, while playing attention to the fact that the same number cannot repeat itself on the vertical/horizontal lines, or inside the 9x9 square.

View all-time high scores and print the games

In case you are still more comfortable with a piece of paper in your hands than you are with a mouse, the application allows you to simply generate the game and print it on paper. Hence, you can either solve these yourself without needing the computer to do so, or you can print more of them and share it with other people, in case you decide to provide them with a challenge.

The game also keeps track of your scores as you manage to beat the puzzles, by counting the number of necessary moves every time. There are no statistics or averages, on the other hand, so you are stuck with a top in which every player profile is displayed. It’s still a good way to keep tabs on your progress, however, so it can definitely come in handy.

A good distraction for when you need one

In the end, SudokuGraphic is not at all revolutionary and it doesn’t do much else, other than provide you with a few colorful tiles to decorate your sudokus. Even so, in case you are tired of the same old black & white grids, this may very well be the change you were looking for.

SudokuGraphic Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
SudokuGraphic Demo - The numbers are quite large and visible, making it easy for anyone to figure them out.SudokuGraphic Demo - Most of the time, the solution is quite obvious.SudokuGraphic Demo - You can choose the number you want to place.SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #4SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #5SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #6SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #7SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #8SudokuGraphic Demo - screenshot #9

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